Friday, July 25, 2014

What the F*ck Just Happened?!

Honestly, I can't remember the past month. I haven't blogged in forever and I came here to do something about it, but it's all a blur. I'm actually scrolling through pictures on my phone right now like it's the morning after a particularly intense party. Here's what I'm finding:

Oh right! I started my dream job in winemaking at Ridge Vineyards after fourteen years of toiling in this industry. Aren't they the top producer of Zinfandel the world over? you're asking yourself. Yes...yes they are.

Oh look! They were just name "Best Winery in America"?! How embarrassing.

But this blog isn't about me and boring things like my "extraordinary good fortune" and "successful career". That smug Cinderella bullshit just isn't my style, NO! It's about my kids.

Which brings me to Finn. Finn totally sucks now. A month ago he didn't, but now he does. If I had to describe his suckiness in one word it would be "resistant". His resistance knows no bounds. There's now nothing I can suggest doing/eating/wearing that he doesn't fight with every fiber of his being. It isn't just the typical screaming rage tantrum type of resistance either, though that is his favorite. There's also the "passive resistance" where you go to take him by the hand and his knees permanently give out. He's the performance artist of impossible two-year-olds.

Liam is now 5. His birthday came once again and was celebrated with an entire week of empty calories and riding things.

My kitty almost died. She ate part of a lily and came within an inch of total renal failure. Jodee wrote beautifully about it on her blog HERE.

Did you click on the link above? Go click on that and read it. Seriously. I'll wait...

And finally we celebrated our country's independence. The day was so chaotic I didn't have my hands free to take any pictures but a friend of mine snapped this one.

As you can see it was a whirlwind of excitement and drama. The dust is finally settling a bit now and life is falling back into it's welcomed rhythm. Sorry about the blog hiatus! I promise it won't happen again (yeah right).