Thursday, March 21, 2013


Sometimes life in the Bairdsmith household isn't exactly blog-worthy, hence my recent hiatus. Sorry about that. In lieu of my usual adventures in parental ineptitude and wayward pooping I thought I'd share a conversation from work that I found entertaining and informative.

I was greeted first thing this morning with one of those E-mail Invites from an office colleague:

It's A Small World Potluck - D*****'s Birthday

D***** is going to be stopping by for a visit on her birthday - let's greet her with a wonderful POTLUCK!

It's A Small World Theme

Think Italian, French, German, African, Moroccan, Indian, Canadian, Greek, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, or Thai! The possibilities are endless!

I saw that the creator of the invite was online so I thought I'd try to learn more about this exciting social opportunity:

me: The possibilities ARE endless! I'm not really sure what "Canadian food" is though. Bacon and beer?

D*****: or putang - or whatever it is called and however the correct spelling actually is

me: Are you trying to say poontang?

I don't know that Canadians are "necessarily" known for that

D*****: that is NOT what I was trying to say!

me: Oh, my bad

me: My mistake. Thank you for enlightening me. My humblest apologies. When you talk to HR please convey I meant only to correct you to save you embarrassment in future conversations regarding Canadian cuisine

 D******:  ha ha ha....

When working for a company with a robust HR department, one must remember to always cover one's ass.

Fun sidenote: When I right-clicked "poontang", spell check suggested "pantaloon". You're cute spell check.

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