Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Going Commando

I'm the only one left who still tears up at the sight of Liam's turd in the potty. It's become commonplace in just the past few weeks. So common in fact that any reward or praise is moot. He goes now because he wants to. See, I'm tearing up even writing those words.

I love you Jessica Cannon
He's been able to go for a long time now. He knows how to do it and when to do it, but I think the "why" was a tricky concept for him to grasp until we started going commando (a.k.a. free-ballin')

Is this a thing? Do people commonly do this to their potty-training preschoolers to get them over the last hump? I worry because I think doing anything creative or new with regard to potty-training could have lasting damage. There's no mention of this kind of thing in the "Potty Power" video we have set on repeat and I've come to take everything said by the beautiful, wise, talented, coquettish, sex-kitten hostess "Jessica" as gospel. 

Well whatever Freudian therapy he (or I?) may need down the road might be worth it, because Liam poops in the potty now. Diapers are an obvious crutch but it turned out that just switching to underpants and letting him suffer the consequences didn't really do the trick. Taking everything away, including pants, was like pulling the safety net out from under a trapeze artist and finding that, not surprisingly, his grip tightens.

Sure it's not a perfect system. There are certain social situations where Liam's little twig and berries aren't on the guest list, but it definitely feels like we're on the downhill slope.

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