Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I Heart Mondays

Yes, you read that correctly - I actually, truly, not-at-all-sarcastically do love Mondays. I wish every day could be Monday! In fact, I've been trying to figure out how to make a well-paying career out of Mondays for, like, two weeks now, and I think I'm on to something. Not in that I've figured out how to make my dream career a reality, just in that I think it's a great idea. It counts.

I think I've been so geeked out on Mondays lately because my life is slowing down just a skosh, and it feels ah-maaaz-ing.

I always pick my kids up from school on Mondays, and for many many months now, I've tried to cram everything I possibly can into the hours before that happens. Appointments, clothing drop-offs, homework, answering emails, meditating, ordering inventory for my shop - you name it, if it had to be done, I did it on Mondays.

Then I realized that there are six other days in the week! Sure, I'm at work during all of them, but I can get a decent amount of stuff done if I parcel it out here and there. This was great news!

Now I sleep in on Monday mornings - tra la laaaaaa! (actually this only happens every other Monday, but just work with me here, okay?) Then I don't meditate because my meditation course is over - fuck yeah! And then I don't do homework because I finished all of my assignments early and now just get to sit back and wait for my grade - woo fucking hooooo! Sometimes I clean the house but often I just look around and think 'psshhhh - the kids are going to undo every attempt I make at tidiness the second they walk in the door anyway, Ima leave this just as it is for now'.

What a relief!

Well then, what's left?! you're wondering. I'll tell you! Just so you can have an up-to-the-minute detailed rundown of my day - 'day' meaning everything leading up to 2:25 when I pick the kids up from school, of course - here are the top 10 things I'm most likely doing on any given Monday:

1) Sleep in til 10

Admitted bed hog, right here

2) Make tea

3) Delete dumb emails

delete, delete, delete, delete

4) Work on becoming a Total Badass

Yes. This is happening. 

5) Make more tea

multi-tasking numbers 3, 5, 6 & 7

6) Write a bit

(you are witnessing this, right now!)

7) Make Breakfast

(see # 5)

8) Sit outside and read in the sunshine, attempting to get some color on my super-bright-white legs

Multi-tasking 4, 8, 9, and prep for 10

9) Doze in said sunshine

(see # 8)

10) Afternoon Delight

(I did not take a photo of this. You're welcome.)

Not too bad, amiright? Now to just harness all of that relaxed groovy energy and have it sustain me through the rest of the week.

And now to find a way to make Mondays my career.

And now to ignore the fact that summer vacation is coming up and those few quiet hours I scrabble together on one-half day of every week are about to be shot to shit.

And now to enjoy the hell out of the rest of this Monday as if it's the Last Perfect Monday I'll have in a while...because, as I sit here writing this - aka using precious Monday Time - I realize that it is in fact, The Last One. Next Monday is Memorial Day, and school ends next Thursday. Oh my god. OhmygodOhmygod.

Holy mother of all that is holy: I declare that this was the Best. Monday. Ever.

...because after all that silence and relaxation, I got to finish out my Monday with these adorable goofballs, so, win-win!


  1. I love your take on Mondays. As a fellow Badass, I'm learning to parcel out my time more effectively as well. For instance, today I spent the entire morning 'working' from my front porch. It was delightful, and I was quite productive. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Mary! Your morning sounds amazing too - I think we should all find ways to 'work' from wherever we feel the most awesome! Let's get to it!!