Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Liam Turns Four

I was just minding my own business when someone decided to go and turn four. I don't remember agreeing to this.

I tend not to do that whole "where have the years GONE?" thing, just because it irritates me when parents do that. It seems pessimistic to me somehow. I will say I was NOT prepared for this one. By "not prepared" I mean, sure, emotionally I was a bit blindsided, but I also mean I literally wasn't prepared. I've been so completely wrapped up in my own business as of late that I'd kind of forgotten about it until just a few days before his actual birthday, which of course left me feeling guilty. 

So what do you do for your precious child whose birthday deserves to be celebrated? Do you try and scratch together some kind of last minute party, or do you take them to your sister's wedding just three days after his birthday and convince him it's his party.

Sometimes it's good to lie to your children
A bit of cake, candles, a new 'James' for the train table, and some drunk guests willing to sing 'Happy Birthday'...BOOM! Greatest kid's birthday party ever. Liam blew out candles, blushed at the attention, and danced his little booty off with all the cousins his age. A better time could not have been had. If he's looking a little underdressed for a wedding in that photo, it's because he's wearing Finn's backup outfit. He'd already destroyed his nice outfit AND his backup outfit by the time dinner rolled around, so you know he had a blast. 

I love you Liam!

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