Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Quit My Bitching

Time magazine came out with The 25 Best Bloggers of 2013


Oh no, really I get it. It's fine! I mean, how can we possibly compete with Dronestagram? No, don't click that link! It's not the wacky cautionary tales about parenting, love, and poop that you've come to adore here at PAIR-RANTING. It's just a bunch of aerial pictures of poor people killed by Americans. FUN! Pour another cup-o-joe and curl up to some of that!! They have lots of pictures of kids, just like us! Entire schools of kids!! Or how about Beer Labels in Motion? Ooh, that's a clever title, what does it mean? Some kind of creative metaphor describing the ubiquitous marriage of art and consumerism? I bet there are endless life lessons one can glean from them! Nope, it's beer labels....moving. Neat. 

TIME did put my BFF Jenny Lawson at #1, so there's that
Okay, I really do get it. Blogging about your kids is not very original, I'll give you that. Also, with everything that's been going on in my life lately, I've been something of a little bitch and it's distracting me from my usual observing and reporting of adventures in parentland. I'd kinda forgotten how rewarding it is sharing a good poop story. I haven't written one of those since last March. I'm slacking!! It's no wonder we didn't make the cut. Message received Time Magazine!

Well things have been getting back on track in a big way. My little guys are at it, bigger and poopier than ever, and I'm finally coming around too. Finn in particular went so far as to celebrate our kick ass new bachelor pad by shitting on me at the very tail end of a group shower (BAM! Poop story. You're welcome)  It was kind of like a baptism, I suppose. A gesture signfying 'rebirth', 'renewal', and a 'clean slate' (clean?). Remarkably it hadn't happened before. I knew it was going to happen one day and quite frankly, I'm surprised it took this long.

But the timing was apropos. It is a REBIRTH! I'm done moping and ready to get on with the fun. I have a feeling there's going to be plenty of that around the corner.

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