Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Big Hero

What a great weekend!

We had pool time:

An artsy photo shoot in the park:

And best of all, MOVIES! Okay, I know "screen time" is EVIL, right? I'm ruining my kids and should be enriching their lives with the arts. Well then, how about performance art?

Movie time at our house isn't your typical slack-jawed passive brain atrophying couch-potato time. It's a goddamn SHOW staring Finley Bairdsmith. It takes him about two viewings with a new favorite film for him to start acting out the whole thing. We've only had Big Hero 6 for a month or so and Finn will already do the action in every scene with some approximation of the dialogue.

It's like a very clean Rocky Horror Picture Show. I couldn't capture the best moments because he casts himself as the protagonist, the young Hiro Hamada, and me as the deuteragonist, Baymax the big white robot. Invariably a lot of our scenes are close up and we didn't have a reliable third person to capture those moments on film. Jodee draws the line at double-digit viewings of any Pixar film and Liam is always too emotional after the first act.    

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