Monday, April 20, 2015

The To-Do List

I had yesterday off from work at Sprout, which is a very rare occurrence and warrants a fun mix of trying to force myself to relax and also attempt to check a few things off of my ever-growing to-do list. I got through a few things (in fact, I’m accomplishing #3 right now!), and yet the list still looks daunting and makes me want to crawl into bed with the crappy book I’m reading and let it put me to sleep like it always does. For nothing other than my need for validation, here is the list, in no particular order:

1. Pick up shoes from the cobbler (I dropped them off over a month ago, but he's always closed when I'm not at work)
2. Sweep entire house
3. Write (in progress!) ((yes this counts!))
4. Mail Evie's letter to her penpal (it's been like 3 weeks, oooooops)

Mail for everybody!!

5. Redeem massage gift certificate (I've, uh, had this thing since November - what nincompoop can't find one damn hour for a free massage?!)
6. Finish writing this year's will
7. Check out sale at Cheese Shop
8. Shave legs (I know. I know. I can't believe it either!)
9. Wake up early enough to call the clinic that takes Medi-Cal, get weird armpit lump checked out

One of these things is not like the other
10. Trim other hedge (I found 10 minutes two weeks ago to trim one of them, but not both)
11. Return neighbor's drink container thingy
12. Buy lightbulbs, hand towels and a new cordless phone for Sprout
13. Replace the 11 burned-out light bulbs at Sprout
14. Find/book tickets for Michigan trip. Try not to punch anything/cry/scream
15. Review list of goals - add/amend/assess
16. Send a Santa Rosa postcard to that kid for her school project - DUE IN MAY!!
17. Finish crappy, typo-filled book I'm reading so I can start something more worthy of precious time consumption
18. Look through photo albums for baby picture of Evie for midwife's retirement party
19. Plan clothing swap in lieu of shopping for new clothes
20. Clean baby chicken poop off of living room floor

I’m going to stop at 20. Rest assured, there are more. Especially considering I didn’t put ‘nap’ in there. Or ‘Take a deep breath’. Or ‘Unclench jaw’. Or even ‘Everything is going to work out just fine’.

It might be time to make a new list.

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