Thursday, April 30, 2015

Important Update on The Pajama Situation!


Several weeks ago I wrote about not having a proper pair of pajamas, and how terrible that was. You can read about how terrible it was HERE. Or you can just trust me. 

Here is the look I was dreaming about: 

Apparently my (enter exceedingly complimentary adjective which I haven't already used here) boyfriend thought to himself 'hmm, Amanda has a birthday coming up in a few weeks...' then got all Magnum PI up on his computer and found the exact pair of super-classy pajamas I'd used as an example in my post!

Well, almost exact. Really really close. This pair was, I guess you could say...white. 

I was like "um, have you seen me eat food?" which I quickly corrected by saying "oh my gosh! Thank you so much, I love them!!" *hug* "but, um, you have seen me eat food, right?"

He took a moment to reflect on all of the times he's seen me eat. Or gotten a text from me regarding spilling salsa down my bra or any other such examples of my slovenly habits. "Yeah, good point," he agreed. "But they were all out of blue! Well, the blue is back ordered. I guess everyone read your blog and there was a big rush on the blue ones you featured."

"Yes...yes, that seems reasonable." Sadly, I had him return the jammies. 

Since that time I have continued to sleep like a commoner in the day's leftover shirts and any variation of casual pantwear. Sigh, woe is me. 


She's very thoughtful
Yesterday a package arrived in the mail! I couldn't open it right away because of the whole 'feeding kids' thing, but as soon as I was able, I ripped that sucker open and inside I found another pair of pajamas. Tra la laaaa! I immediately put them on and got right down to the not-busy task of living the life of leisure I always imagined I was meant to live. 

I tried to take a picture, but I couldn't because our dog Mesa was busy breaking my new sleepwear in with her slobber and fur so that there was no way I could ever return them.

I know you're dying to see them, right?! Here they are! 

I look JUST like that model, I know.

To say that I love my new pajamas would be an understatement. I like, love-love them. I was super bummed when it was time to get dressed to drive the kids to school this morning, which Paulie noticed and said "you don't have to change, just wear the jammies!" Silly Paulie! He doesn't know that school drop-off is a very serious affair and we moms are being judged at every turn. Since I already don't brush my hair or teeth for this event, I know wearing pajamas would be completely unacceptable.


So I put on some jeans and hid my jammie shirt under a jacket. And then took some selfies in a stranger's front yard.

This right here is a pj top, ladies

I was so excited that not only had I been given the perfect pair of pajamas, but the pajama top doubled as a bonafide shirt, I had to show off. I vroomed over to my friend Suzanne's house, where her mind was blown by the awesomeness of my ensemble. Needless to say, she had to take a picture - not because she's a professional photographer, but because I asked her to and she complied. She got really into it, too: "I'm gonna get all artsy n' shit here, lean up against that wall. Put your hands back, do this, do that...." The final result is okay, as long as none of my old Barbizon teachers see that foot positioning OMG amiriiiiiight?! I blame them though, for telling a 5'2" girl with a scar on half of her face that she could be a model. That's what you get, Barbizon!! Look at that sloppy footwork!

Yes. Yes I am this super cool all the time.

But I digress. 

As you can plainly see I am thrilled with my new pajamas-slash-shirt. And I have once again let Barbizon down. And I don't look anything like the pajama model. 

But you know what? I don't care. Because I'm comfy, I'm matchy, and the dog still loves to rest her head in my crotch. Happy five-weeks-late Birthday to me!

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