Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Back to Beverly Healdsburg

Liam's teachers met with Erin, my mother, and I for his annual IEP (Individual Education Plan) and it
was decided. He's coming back to Healdsburg!!

Why am I so thrilled?! Because I'm a frickin' SNOB!

There are some great towns around Sonoma County, but none better than Healdsburg. He's been going to a school in Windsor for the past year and Windsor is just....well. I mean, you can tell a lot from a town's slogan.

Santa Rosa: Out There in the Middle of Everything

Healdsburg: The Heart of Sonoma County Wine Country

Windsor: Where the Walmart is.

Last year it was deemed that Windsor had the only program suited to Liam's needs. I like to think that this fact kept the head honchos at the Healdsburg school district awake at night, fretting over the fact that they'd failed a local treasure.

"We've GOT to get Liam back!" they all collectively agreed.

Well in the intervening year the good old HUSD got their shit together and created a program that is suspiciously perfect for Liam. He'll be finishing out summer school in Windsor, which is merciful of him. I think his teachers will need time to come to terms with their loss. 

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  1. Harsh. Windsor is where the New Zealand bakery is! (Healdsburg is where they wanted it and couldn't afford to open.) However, excellent that your wee family is closer. Also, that picture of Finn is everything.