Friday, June 12, 2015

Heck Yeah Summer!

I know some (most?) parents dread summer, for with this hottest of seasons with the longest of days comes the age-old question of "what will I do with my dang kids all day?!" Because to be a grownup often means to have a job of some sort, trying to figure out how to safely keep our kids busy while also enriching their brains just a teensie bit during those long work hours can be a daunting chore. Let's just say we all do our best, shall we?

Alas, thank the sunshine and stars because with all of those hours spent at a babysitter's with strangers or in front of the TV while we work, we guilt-ridden working parents are redeemed by the magical thing we call...occasional play time! I personally crammed as much of this into the first few days of vacation so the kids might be blindsided by the extreme fantasticness of it all, and would perhaps be too tuckered out from all the fun to notice the time spent doing non-fun things afterward.

On day one of the kids' Summer Vacation: we went to the pool.

On day two of the kids' Summer Vacation: we went to an entirely different pool.

On day three of the kids' Summer Vacation: we went to an amazing music festival two blocks from our house!

On day four of the kids' Summer Vacation: the kids were picked up from Sprout by a magical fairy and taken to the river where they swam, and swam, and swam.

On day five of the kids' Summer Vacation: we, um, well we spent the day at work. But still. You have to admit that wasn't a bad start, right?

So we've come up with a great plan, and that is to simply continue having heaps of water-based fun, with some days at work, sleepover camps, traveling and all kinds of other time-fillers thrown in there for good measure.

Hey Summer: come at us, bro!

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