Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

I frickin' LOVE Halloween.  Always have.  It's the real reason I had kids, I'm not gonna lie.  So when Liam started tearing off his costume Tuesday night because he didn't want to wear it, I had a mild panic attack.

Somewhere along the line Liam got it into his head that Halloween had anything to do with him.  This is MY DAY.  It's the fourth time I've allowed him to join my Halloween fun, the lucky bastard.  The previous three years he's enjoyed me including him with the appropriate level of enthusiasm as you can see...

Year 1 :  Hotdog

Year 2 :  Dexter

Year 3 :  Hamburger
Year 3 we had to sacrifice creativity due to funding issues but as I promised in last year's post, the force was with the Bairdsmith family this year.

I took a couple of hours off work so I could wrestle Liam into his costume.  Erin and I pinky swore we wouldn't take a screaming tantrum as an answer.  As you can see from his "I wanted to go to Toshi station to pick up some power converters" face that he's not exactly digging it.  Sure it was a Wednesday, and we'd all spent the weekend violently ill, and it was pouring rain, but it's Halloween goddammit!  Fun will be had!!

We made it around three sides of the downtown Healdsburg square before retiring to 'The Wurst'.  I call that a huge success.

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