Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Santa 2012

A few months ago I was wasting time in downtown Healdsburg with the boys and we ran into my buddy Adam.  Adam is kind-hearted and wouldn't hurt a fly, but he's a little crazy looking.  He's a bit wild-eyed, broad-grinned, heavily tattooed, and usually sports a Salvador Dali mustache, but all in a dashing way.  I was on my own without a stroller that day, which is fun for the boys but for me is a little like juggling pigs.  Upon seeing Adam I generously offered up my youngest son to him, as Adam is yet without children of his own.  He kindly accepted and took off at a modest pace down one of the side streets.  Finn was fine with this, Liam was not.  Liam took off after them shouting "no no no!".  Adam of course didn't go far and, hearing Liam's protests, allowed him to catch up.  Liam grabbed onto Finn's foot and gave me a look that said "Come ON daddy! We can take this guy!!"

I was so proud.  I mean Adam isn't the biggest guy but he could have been dangerous.  Nevertheless, Liam threw all caution to the wind just to save his baby brother.  I saw this as the beginning of what would forever be their unwavering lifelong bond.  The bond of brotherhood.

Then we went to see Santa.

Santa was looking a little weather-beaten.  I mean, I get that it's not the easiest gig but come ON.  Make it a little easier for the kids will you?  You signed up for this, you knew what you were getting into, is it too much to show a little sparkle?  At least glue your friggin' beard on right, Christ!

Anyway, the creepy vibe hit Liam from about ten feet away.  His pace slowed, the finger went in his mouth, he paused, and then he slowly began to back away.  I saw where this was going so I decided to just get it over with.  I picked him up and he turned into a feral cat.  Meanwhile, Erin was placing Finn on Santa's right knee and he wasn't thrilled about it, but he was okay.  Liam hit the left knee and bolted.  This shifted Finn's unease into full panic mode and he was left screaming with his hands outstretched, pleading to be rescued by his faithful brother.  No such luck this time.  My hero.


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