Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shotgun Finn Turns Two


I'm not having it. Liam is a little boy now and I'm okay with that, but Finn is not allowed to be. No more growing up! Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning baby!!

Having a birthday on a Wednesday is crap so I took the boys to Berkeley over the weekend to indulge with the grandparents. We went to Tilden park which is a strange mysterious sort of neverland tucked away in a valley just behind the Berkeley hills. We started with feeding the farm animals:

After I snapped these shots of Liam I turned around to find Finn eating his celery stick. Classic.

Next was the carousel:

Then the steam train:

Finn was a little apprehensive on the train and insisted that I hold both of his hands the whole ride. It couldn't have run long enough. Once they were properly enchanted by all the wonders of Tilden, it was time for ice cream cake, singing, and the blowing out of candles (with a little assistance):

This morning Erin sent me a text that she was thinking about Finn's birth. She summed it up perfectly with one word: "amazing". It was truly amazing, but so has every day been since. I love you so much baby Finn it's ridiculous. Happy birthday pal.

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