Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We Interrupt your Regular Program...

If any of you have ever been in my store, Sprout, you may have seen the artwork of Sita Rupe. Those super-cool screen-printed onesies? Those are hers.

The fun artwork with great images printed on reclaimed shop wood then coated with resin for a super-shiny finish? Hers too.

Sadly, Sita's husband was recently involved in an accident and was unexpectedly taken from her and their two young children, Lola and Ford.

In an attempt to help Sita and the kids during this time and into the future, a fundraiser has been established, which you can contribute to by clicking here.

And, if you live in or near Healdsburg, I am setting up a temporary Women's Section in Sprout filled with fantastic clothes donated by some of my fabulous friends. There will be everything from casual tees and tanks to formal skirts and dresses - all sold to you for any donation amount you'd like to give. All proceeds will go to the fundraiser.

Sprout will be dontating 100% of the sale of any of Sita's artwork to the family, as well.

For event information, click HERE.

I appreciate you letting me pause from my normal tomfoolery in order to use this format to get the word out - please tell your lady friends in need of new duds to come check out Sprout's offerings (or men who like to wear women's clothing - no judgment!), and in turn help this sweet family.

Thank you,


Sita, Andy, Lola & Ford

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