Thursday, October 2, 2014


Hello Friends! Amanda and I are once again participating in the "40 Days of Writing" project. What that means for us is we've committed to writing something everyday for 40 days in a row. What that means for you is quantity over quality. For example today I just wrote a word. One word. But I'm proud of it and I wanted it to be the title of this post so that when people google it one day, I'll get credit for it. Yes, I'm an egotistical twit.

Talking of which, here's a chat I just had with my impressively patient girlfriend, Jodee Anello:

me:  I made up a word today.

Jodee:  Oh?

me:  "Innaqueous"

Jodee:  ??

me:  I tried a wine today that was clean, but dull and watery.
Innocuous and aqueous
I googled it and nothing came up. It's my first invented word!!!

Jodee:  You may have something there?

me:  What's with the question mark??
You're goddamn right I "have something there"!
That something is an awesome contribution to the English language thankyouverymuchwhileyou'reup.

Jodee:  Hm

me:  I hate you and I'm using it as often as I can.
It's a dynamic word that can be used in the literal sense but also to describe things in the abstract.
Like the way jealous people feel about the triumphs of others.

Jodee:  I'll need to look up those words. I feel like Linus and you're an adult.

me:  Linus was brilliant. You're a Lucy.

Jodee:  Yeah
Fuck you

me:  Good one.

Jodee:  I know innocuous but not the other.

me:  Watery.

Jodee:  Innocent water?

me:  Oh for crying out loud.

Jodee:  Safe water?
Okay. I get it. It's a great word.
I'm not patronizing.

me:  Unoffensive and watery.
It was a clean wine but it lacked character and tasted watered down.

Jodee:  Perfect word.

me:  So you're not patronizing it.
The opposite would be "concentrated hurtfulness".
You could come up with a word for that.

Jodee:  Okay. Lemme think.
Wait, did you just say I was a mean person?

me:  Detranello

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