Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Rad Dad!

Hey you guys! Hi! I've missed you toooooooo!!!

So listen, I wanted to mention this one little thing to you, and then you can go about your day. Until I mention it again. 

My friend Tomas Moniz - founder, editor and writer for Rad Dad Magazine - is starting a fundraising campaign to keep his fantastic, thoughtful, introspective, funny, edgy and downright IMPORTANT magazine in publication for another year. 

2014 brought us three beautiful, well-crafted magazines full of wisdom, beautiful images, and stories we could all relate to, or will be able to relate to as our kids grow older and we're faced with bigger, wackier issues. Oh, one of which I helped to copy-edit, which was a lot of fun and taught me that Tomas is a very patient and understanding human being. I already knew he had a sense of humor, as proven when he invited me to read a story in Berkeley at one of his events and I failed miserably

Tomas is asking for help in spreading the word, and has made a Kickstarter Re-Subscription Drive, woo hoo! Go check it out and see if it seems like something you might be into. Or, if you're just feeling generous and want to see something completely different than the mainstream mags continue to find a little place out in the world, please go ahead and donate anyway. 

To quote Tomas, because I happen to agree: "there simply is nothing like Rad Dad Magazine out in the mainstream parenting world. In our pages, we promise to challenge the mainstream representations of parenting as monolithic, homogeneous, and safe."

Parenting is about the world we create! (...also a quote, I just left out the quotation marks because I'm a rebel and that's allowed when talking about Rad Dad). Let's help create a world we ALL feel good about parenting in!

Thanks friends! Love you! And, have a great day. 

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