Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Forgotten Son

The other day I was scrolling through my phone's giganto backlog of photos, trying to delete some and therefore make space for...more pictures. After flipping through a couple hundred or so, I came to a few that made me think 'oh, crap' - and not in the oops I made some bad choices while drinking with a camera nearby way. In a much worse way.

It appears as though I forgot my son's birthday.

Now before you think I'm a terrible parent, let me clarify: of course I didn't actually forget his birthday! I just forgot to tell you about it - oops! I guess I kinda got caught up telling you about our completely perfect summer camping trip (which was actually a birthday camping trip), so I never did the whole Birthday Blog thingy that every parent who has a blog does, because we can.

And now, goldangit, I can't really remember any funny or even slightly illuminating details to tell you about it, because it was three months ago! Who remembers things from that long ago?!

So I guess I'll just show you the pictures I found, and maybe they'll help jog my memory. Because of the kids' whackadoodle schedule, these aren't necessarily in order, but I'll pretend they are so you don't get a huge headache. You're welcome!

Jonah specifically requested Bavarian toaster waffles for his birthday breakfast. Uh, easy peasy. After getting all jacked up on syrup and powdered-sugar, he wanted to open his presents. Since Paulie hadn't surfaced yet, we took the party to him. He was delighted!

Being the mind-bogglingly sweet and easy-to-please kid that he is, Jonah decided that he wanted to spend some of his precious birthday time playing games. With his family. *tear of joy!*

He was, of course, victorious

This one, not so much

Then some friends and family came over, and he got some completely awesome presents. Jonah is always super eager to fix things around the house and to help Paulie with any number of his buildery projects, so needless to say he was stoked to get this rad tool box and drill - and I'm thrilled to have yet another man around the house to do stuff for me - woo hoooo!

Finally, Jonah got to round out his birthday by eating the dinner choice of birthday-havers everywhere: Pizza (duh - I mean come on. It's pizza). His sweet Auntie Brandy called up Mary's Pizza Shack and had his favorite pie delivered right to our front door. Damn, woman! You know how to make a kid happy!

He didn't want to share...but he did
This is where I would normally do the sigh, woe is me stuff and muse about how time flies and now my little boy is growing up and bla bla blaaaaa, but since it's been three damn months, I'm kinda used to it now.

Better luck next year.

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