Monday, October 17, 2011


This is such a cliche but I don't care, we got a minivan, and I have named him Fred.  My father-in-law Bruce found one for us.  "Found" makes it sound like I'm talking about some discarded heap abandoned on the side of the road...and I am.  Erin gets her bad-assedness from Bruce who does things like spending his free time in scrap yards hunting for parts for his race car (so cool).  While there this past weekend he unearthed a scrapped 1996 Plymouth POS that he says he can turn into a car for 2000 bucks!  "2000 dollars?" you say "where will you scratch together that kind of cash, tap into the savings?"  "HA!" I say.  I spent my savings last Friday on a 20 ounce Modelo Especial, no this small fortune will come from the sale of our gorgeous 2009 Honda Accord.  One of our more ridiculous purchases.  Don't get me wrong it's a lovely car.  Erin drives it a half-mile to work and back every week day and it hasn't let her down once!  We think that with the 83 miles we've put on it, and the fact that it's still on its first tank of gas, it should have retained it's value pretty nicely.  Good riddance to it! (and to the payments)  Its replacement is gonna be AWE-SOME.  Sure it's got "issues", like where did its last occupant go to the bathroom?  But I have total faith in Bruce and the magic of Febreze.  Gas mileage and reliability are important to be sure, but with sliding doors on either side and removable seats I'll compromise in exchange for the obvious awesomeness potential.  The first of the boys to successfully jump their bike in one side and out the other, while it's moving, gets to drive it.

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  1. the 90's fashion is back in, so I guess that could include minivans too? those things are made for soccer games and pizza hut with half the team afterwards!