Monday, July 16, 2012


Hey, how old is too old to shower with your daddy?  Obviously three is still fine but I was just wondering when it's going to get awkward.  I guess I shouldn't give it too much thought since it will probably work itself out naturally.  It's not like sixteen-year-old Liam is going to get a text from his buddies on his retinal display saying "Yo Liam you zarkin frood!  We're gonna hover downtown and look at the tree.  Wanna kazizzle?" (that's how they'll talk)  "Sure!" he'll answer, "I'll be there in a nano, just gonna hop in the shower with my dad."

Probably well before I'm ready he'll have perfected the "yeeeeaaaahhhh.....I'm good" look and it'll just be me and Finn from there on out.  For now it's a bi-nightly ritual for me and Liam.  He joins me for my evening shower and it makes for some valuable bonding time.

Along with my 'how long can/should this go on concerns' I recently read something that gave me additional pause.  He's three years old now which is around the age when kids start developing long-term memory.  Cruelly it's also the age when he's exactly eye level with my junk...front and back.  That just doesn't seem fair.  Particularly with some of the shower time yoga I find myself performing in an effort to be thorough.  It makes me wonder if it would be better for him to start showering with his mom, whose nether-bits are much easier on the eyes, but that would probably just confuse him.  He already wastes a ton of water doing his mommy shaving her legs impression.

Plus mommy doesn't do Duck Vader right.  Duck Vader is when we put his ducky towel on like a cape after drying him and quack the 'Imperial March'.  She tries (I love you honey) but it just isn't the same.  There are certain things daddies do better so I think, for now anyway, shower time is going to stay my gig.  At least until he outgrows the ducky towel.

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