Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sorry, but...

Last night I got a text from a friend commenting (read: nagging) that I hadn't posted in a while. "No blog posts in almost a week. What's that about?" Actually it had been a mere five days, to be precise. Jeez! Sorry!

This was actually halfway through

It's just that I currently have nothing of value to contribute. My kids are on vacation at their Grammy & Grandad's place right now. So, nothing there. Unless you want to hear about the hours I spent cleaning their room - and by 'cleaning' I mean crying over all the stupid shit they have in there, then finally just going in with a bulldozer and throwing it all in the trash. Seriously -  the next person who gives my kid a gift that involves a million pieces, dies. I'm not kidding. Consider this my confession, right now.

Hey girls,
what should I do with my future?
So usually when my kids are on vacation I get to write about being slutty, but lo and be-fucking-hold, my boyfriend is out of town too! The timing of this was really well-planned. Especially because we just had the whole "Where is this going/Probably nowhere" discussion, and now we get to have all this free time, alone, to ponder that. It's super. I get to go to his house every day, let the chickens out, then return in the evening and let the chickens back in again. While waiting for them to roost I get to sit in silence, staring at the sky thinking 'he's totally going to dump me when he gets home. After the 'I just got home from a trip' sex. Dammit. Ho hum, I guess I'll go wash the dishes'. It is a special and beautiful time that every relationship should experience. I am especially enjoying it because I'm incredibly evolved and can look at it all very maturely. Nutshell: I miss him.

Or maybe you want to hear about how my Touring Sedan (that's German for station wagon) didn't pass the dreaded smog test, so I spent all of yesterday racing around trying to get it all spruced up, and spent a whole bunch of money that I really can't afford to be spending right now. Which led me to asking for an application at some odd little bar in downtown Santa Rosa where I'd literally never hung out before. But they're hiring, so hey. I wonder how many times this past year I've muttered 'beggars can't be choosers!' through clenched teeth to myself? A lot of times, I can tell you.

If you want me to expand on any of the above experiences, let me know and I'll try to blog about them. Otherwise stay tuned for other, more exciting topics. Probably from Mike.

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  1. I can so relate to the cleaning of the kid's room while they are away. I did the same thing when my son was gone for a couple weeks with his dad. He would return home and ask me where one tiny gun was that belonged to the GI Joe or some other random guy or superhero and I would hand him the very large tupperware that contained the millions of tiny bits of guy accessories and he would say, "It's not in there."

    Also, the timing of kids and boyfriend away really blows...I'm sorry.