Monday, February 4, 2013

Love in the Time of Colic

Ah, bed.  Hello old friend.  God I've missed you.  Remember me?  It's been eighteen long hours since we were last together and my heart has grown fonder.  The kids are out (finally) and Erin is doing her thing (whatever that is).  It's just you and me baby.

Whoa, what have we here?  Coming to join me in bed a little early tonight, hey honey?  That's cool.  I guess.  I mean I know you don't have to be up at 4:15, but.....

Maybe I should close my eyes.  If she's really interested it's not like I'm going to stop her.  I mean, sure I'm almost lethally sleepy right now, but it will take me all of 20 seconds to change that tune.

I wonder what she's doing.  I'll just open my eyes a crack.  Wow!  Nice.  Jeez, look at that.  To all the mom's who told her "wait til you have TWO kids", I give you Exhibit "A".  "A" as in ass, abs, and that little chiseled part right there, damn.  I don't know what you call that, but I bet it begins with an "A".

How long has it been?  Oh right, I remember.  Was that a Wednesday?  No, of course not a Wednesday.  Must have been a Sunday.  What am I worried about?  I mean, I'm only getting 5 hours anyway, why not just 4 hours and 55 minutes?

Maybe I'll make the first move.  I'll try a nuzzle.

No response.  What's she doing?  That book again?  Why is she reading that?  It's depressing.

When was the last time I read anything?

Bah, that light!  That has to be the brightest bedside lamp ever made.  That light is for surgery, not reading. I know what she'll say "just close your eyes".  She must have thicker eyelids than me.  I can't sleep like this.  Maybe I'll just go for broke.  Should I?  Ah, to hell with it, why not!?

"Hi honey"



Hmm.  She cut that one off.  I definitely didn't cut that one off, that was all her.  I was totally ready to hold that one another full second, that was obvious.  Well then my work here is done.

Tomorrow night, it's on for sure.

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