Monday, April 8, 2013

Frank Darabont's Secret Love Child

Hello Mr. Darabont!

Good news, as far as I know you have no secret love child. The title of this post was just a ruse to lead you here when you were bored one day and decided to Google yourself. Sorry, about that but DON'T CLOSE THIS PAGE JUST YET! Please hear me out.

As creator of the fantastic series 'The Walking Dead' I have to tell you I caught the season finale last night and it was fucking BRILLIANT! Everything you do is art. I mean it.....although (SPOILER ALERT!!!), Andrea's pedicure kind of killed my willful suspension of disbelief. But hey, roses and thorns, right?

What I'm really hoping to share with you by leading you to this blog is 'opportunity' with a capital 'O'.

I have, under my tutelage, a prodigy by the name of Finley Bairdsmith. This young genius just recently crested the child actor's milestone of one-and-a-half years old and I believe it's time to cash in. As I'm sure you've noticed there is a serious lack of certain demographics on your show. Obviously I don't mean with regard to ethnicity (high-five there by the way), I mean there aren't a lot of baby zombies. Below is an audition video that I think speaks volumes

I know. Your mind is blown out the back of your head with a shotgun. Not only is his vocal work solid, but did you catch that improv when his mother walked by in the background? Totally unscripted. You're welcome.

Feel free to contact me through this blog. I encourage you to do so quickly before that new Brad Pitt zombie movie comes out and the whole genre jumps the shark.

Talk to you soon,

Mike Bairdsmith

P.S. Shotgun Finn (apropos) has been a celebrity since, literally, the day of his birth, so don't worry. He can handle it.

P.P.S. Please kill Carl. Everyone hates him.

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