Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The following isn't a "blog post" so much as it is A Study in the Mysteries of the Universe.  In a moment of (wine induced) inspiration I decided to capture a slice of our lives in the midst of a rare solar miracle (coincidence).  This series of photos was taken with great care and preparation (on my iPhone) on what normally would have been the mundane evening of May 20th, between 6:15 and 6:35 p.m., BUT, as you WILL WITNESS, that moment was made AMAZING simply by the fact that it was all captured in the dimming light of a SOLAR ECLIPSE!!

Here it goes...

We've been spending these hot Spring nights out on our deck basically as nude as is legally possible

Here's Liam not eating his dinner in the dimming light of a solar eclipse.

I poked a pinhole in a piece of cardboard and shaded this bottle with it so you can see a little eclipse on the cork.  I thought this was creative at the time, mainly because I'd finished the bottle by myself.

Liam and Erin herb gardening in the dimming light of a solar eclipse.  Hey guys, that's a freakin' eclipse behind you!!  No?  You're good.  Okay fine, forget it.

I thought it was cool that the dappled sunlight through the Japanese maple made little crescent shapes.

Liam in his endless effort to try and grab the chlorinator because he just loves the taste of poison.

Hey no running!!

Finn being "the easy one"

Liam having a tantrum because I reprimanded him in the dimming light of a solar eclipse

Finn continuing to not need reprimanding and LOVING IT

Erin trying to ignore me in the dimming light......okay I'll stop.

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  1. Thanks for capturing the pure emotionless state we all shared as the sun dimmed less than what a lightly rain soaked cloud would have produced floating innocently in front of the sun for 20 minutes with the exception of the tiny crescents which, honestly proved to be totally useless and honestly unfounded since I have could re-created those on anything using duct tape, a quarter, most of a bottle of wine and 3 rufies. well, maybe not the quarter.