Sunday, January 13, 2013

Demon Child

Liam is heart-meltingly sweet to Finn, usually.  He gives him hugs and kisses, pets his hair, gets him his "paci" when he cries, and even whispers to me "shhhh, baby Finn is sweeping".  But occasionally Liam makes the following face and we get a little nervous...

The beast that emerges when this expression creeps across his face may be pure evil incarnate, but I'm hoping it's just a brother thing.  This is normal, right?

Erin is more concerned than I am.  She's convinced Liam could be showing the early signs of becoming a homicidal maniac.  I try to assure her he's just "aggressively cuddling" or "hugging him around the neck with his hands", but she still insists on precautions.  We try not to leave them alone together much and we've got Liam on a strict foods-that-require-only-a-spoon-to-eat diet in case he gets any ideas.  Rest assured in a few more months Finn will be able to take his brother down and this will all be moot.  Until then I apologize if my blog posts are short.  I doubt Finn could hold his breath for more than a minute so I don't get a lot of down time.   

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