Friday, May 3, 2013

Home for Sale

The first order of business when splitting up is dividing the assets. Neither Erin nor I can afford our mortgage on our own, so we put our home on the market a few weeks back. It's a GORGEOUS house right in the heart of the wine country! You should really check it out at this weekend's open house. Seriously. Tile floors and carpet, big kitchen, tons of storage, nicely renovated, and an in-ground pool. Your kids are guaranteed to have a ton of friends in high school with this baby.

I'll be sad to see it go in some ways, but the thing has been an albatross around my neck. Owning a home is a good investment, if you have money to invest. Otherwise it can be a curse that consumes your every waking thought and floods your nightmares (did I mention it's 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath? Come on down and sign some papers!)

We've had quite a bit of traffic coming through thanks to our hard-working realtor. She usually calls the day before she brings someone over which gives us time to get the whole house show-worthy. Maintaining this pristine state, however, is no small task with Finn and Liam on the rampage. Liam in particular has taken to one very specific method of sabotage that clearly shows that he knows what we're up to, and he does not approve.

He's been doing this nearly each day we have someone scheduled to come see the house, it's impressive. We still put him in a diaper for nap time which is when he unleashes the poopie.  He'll drop a big messy one, whip off his diaper, and make his mark. Usually it's in his room, but occasionally he'll venture out to the rest of the house if our guard is down. 

We try to stay calm and just deal with the issue with a bit of carpet cleaner, but he's determined to break our spirits. The other day I heard some incriminating noises coming from his room during naptime so I investigated. It appeared that he had taken his diaper off prior to a dump so he could really do some damage. He dropped an impressive turd right inside his bedroom door, threw a small area rug over it, and stomped it into the carpet. The kid does not want to move.


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