Saturday, March 15, 2014

Snack Attack

I've been trying to beat Paulie and his son Finn to grocery shopping because I buy food, whereas they buy snacks and entire pallets of canned black beans. I did this week's shop and within hours Finn came up to me and asked if I could take him with me the next time I grocery shopped. "I need more snacks," he told me.

"There are apples!" I said this very enthusiastically, because I haven't yet learned that teenagers can't be tricked with voice inflection the way little kids can. "I don't like those apples." "There are two kinds!" "Yeah I don't like either of those." "Okay. There are dried apricots!" "I hate dried apricots." "Uh huh. Well, there's some yogurt. And some grapes. And...there's all kinds of stuff." "Yeah but I want chips!"

I've never been much of a snacker. Once a month or so I make a meal out of chips and salsa, but I don't really think that counts, because it is strictly for the purpose of satisfying an intense hormonal need and if I don't get my salt quota the PMS monster will wake me up from sleep and harass me about why I didn't feed it it's chips and salsa that day. Why, hm?! WHY?! Such a nag.

So yeah, I tend not to buy snacks. I buy fruits and vegetables and pasta and things that, when put together, make a meal that isn't a burrito.

Later that night we were all hanging out around the table, and I excitedly observed that, having not been provided with chips, he was snacking on the grapes I'd put out earlier like they were the new Chip. I gave myself an imaginary high-five.

But hey, I don't want to be one of those mean people who denies a kid chips - when you want some chips you want some chips, amiright?!

So I made him some kale chips. *high five!*

Delicious kale chips

He sees the kale chips

He loves the kale chips
My work here is done.

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