Monday, August 4, 2014

Camping 2014

I am grateful to Erin for being a fantastic mom to Liam and Finn and for filling their lives with love and good times. The one time of year I'm most indebted to her is when she takes the boys I never have to.

Ever since Berkeley Tuolumne Camp burned to cinders along with my childhood, I'd abandoned any notion of spending days on end in the filth and pestilence that is 'nature'. This past weekend though Erin once again fulfilled my fatherly duty and went into the woods along with the boys and her parents. I missed them terribly while I was sitting poolside with a magazine and cocktail, but she was kind enough to send me photos. I can only speculate as to the context of each:

Nature? Nah, I'm good here on the camper carpet

Wood + newspaper + match = FUN! Got it!

I love climbing rusty metal pick-up trucks!

Me too!

This next poem I call The Fallen Bird's Nest

Fire ants! YUM!!

No Caption Necessary

To say I'll never head back into the woods is an exaggeration. The stubbornly idealistic people of Berkeley have set up camp at Echo Lake this summer for the more tenacious veterans of Berkeley Tuolumne Camp. At the same time they're figuring out ways to raise my childhood from the ashes of the original camp and hope to have it back in the next few years. Hopefully it will be up and running some time after Finn and Liam develop a healthy fear of wild animals, fire, and slimy things that bite.

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