Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fire! School! Etcetera!

Well, I awoke at 6:43 this morning to the sound of smoke alarms, and we all know what that means: First Day of School!!

Being the champs that they are, Jonah and Evie rose at a record-breaking hour of the morning and got themselves dressed, brushed, and packed, and were working on making their own breakfasts when the alarm sounded. Sometimes Jonah turns on the stove before prepping anything at all, in any way whatsoever, like even getting the eggs out of the by the time he puts something into the skillet it's like a pyrotechnics display all up in our kitchen.

No big deal, my alarm was due to go off in two minutes, anyway.

Yes, Jonah IS wearing spy glasses. Of course.
Since they'd done everything that would normally require me to rush around in a state of half-dress and flurry, we were able to enjoy a relaxing morning -- until I remembered that I hadn't packed lunches. Oops! Evie helped with that task, too. While doing so, she explained that since they knew I'd been out late, she and her brother were trying to make my morning an easy one. *Tear!* These kids, they are the motherloving best.

I was indeed out late, at my own 'first day of school', if you can call a 7pm - 10pm class 'first day' worthy. Yes, I am still slowly but surely plodding along with my own schooling, one class at a time. The good news is, after this semester I'll only have ONE MORE CLASS until I finish, woo hoo! By 'one class' I of course mean math, which also means I have to take All Of The Math Classes that lead up to the One Class I need to get that damn degree I've been working toward for the past twenty years. I took one of them last semester and I miraculously passed it by a whopping and impressive 4 points. So....yeah, talk to me in a few years.

Happy first day of school, everyone!

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