Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Oh No You Didn't!

Someone just informed me that there's only one more week until school. One. More. Week. I was like "what the hell, man?! Why you gotta bum my ride, homie? Dang!"

Sure, I knew summer was coming to an end. But come on - I know better than to say it out loud, jeez! I'm just going to admit it: I LOVED THIS SUMMER! I'm totally not ready for it to end. Allow me a moment, if you will, to get just a bit verklempt... *tear!*

Okay. I'm better now. Rather than mope, I will now reflect on what I shall henceforth dub The Best Summer Ever:

3...2...1... Swimmer!!

We started with a trip to Mexico. The kids and I had never been there before, and we had to save up all of our dolla bills an entire year to make it happen - but thank goodness we did because we had a mother freaking blast! Evie mastered swimming within about 5 seconds, and pretty much didn't leave the pool or ocean for the remainder of the week.

After that we took some recovery time and did low-impact stuff. Like eating ice cream. There's a place right down the street from us where they have crazy flavors like sweet corn, spicy pineapple, cucumber, avocado and rose petal, to name a few. We feel it is our responsibility as active members of the community to try them all.

Or just stick with vanilla

Because of the whole 'Serious Drought' thing, we didn't have many beach days this year because I thought going to the river might depress me. But boy was I wrong, woo hoooo! We took a day to chill out at Johnson's Beach, where the oldies jazz plays all day from the snack bar, the super old-school owners call out to risky kayakers from their crackly megaphone, young dudes come over and pound your rented umbrella in the perfect spot for maximum shade, and the snack prices are from another era. Burgers for 3 bucks? Yes, please.

Nothing depressing here, folks!

They thought it was okay, too

And hey, they had ice cream, too. For the win!

I'd been wanting to take the kids on the ferry for several years, so of course we did that too. Taking the ferry is super fun! Especially given the fact that since the Exploratorium moved, you can now walk there from the ferry building!! Awwwww yeah - whassup perfect day?!

So Much Wiiiiiiiiind!!!!

This is a picture of my kids squinting in the sun. In SF.

The kids' uncle Ben and his girlfriend Ani rode their bikes over to meet us, which made the kids go all crazy with joy. Evie thinks it's really hilarious when her uncle tries to pick her up for pictures, because she's heavier than she looks and he always gets all "what the hell?!"

I have no idea what's going on here.

And you already know that we went to the fair, because we're no dummies. We know that no summer is complete without a trip to the fair.

Yeeeeee haaaaaw!!!!

In between all of this, we bottled some wine with friends...

Went to Maker Camp (which landed some pictures of the kids in the Press Democrat)...

...and tried to get in a decent amount of relaxation and snuggling, too. Since it's summer and all. 


Let's face it, you guys. We totally rocked this summer. I wish we had more of it to enjoy - but for now, with one week left, we're going to get back to the important task of having a kick-ass time. Onward!!

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