Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sexy Bastard

My son is really attractive.  Now I know "every parent thinks their kid is the cutest" but I'm talking about more than that.  He's cute to be sure, but he's also hilarious, stylish, and popular.  This is a problem.  It's a well proven fact, A FACT, that the cool kids don't do well past high school.  Let's just look at the popular kids at my high school.  The class president and prom queen are both deceased (seriously! It's sad) and the last time I saw the prom king he was playing the bad guy in BASEketball which I think is actually totally awesome but some more discerning film buffs might disagree.  On the flip side there were the painfully awkward douche-nozzles in high school, like myself.  At sixteen I was my current height of 6'8" but only 150 pounds, I was ghostly pale, slouchy, I wore the same clothes to school everyday, my grades were excellent, I was horrible at sports, and I never had a girlfriend.  I was the kind of awkward that made people feel uncomfortable.  But NOW look at me!  I'm not only alive but I'm doing really well.  I'm not exactly winning any beauty pageants (apart from this one) but I am pretty happy with the way I turned out.  My career is great, I have a gorgeous wife, a nice house, and I even get hit on by gay guys occasionally which makes me happier than I ever dreamed I could be.  This is an all too common story among the former social misfits like myself so what's the deal?  Is it karma?  Who knows, but this isn't about me (yeah it is), this is about Liam who is totally getting laid at prom. I mean LOOK AT HIM!  Too much hot potential!  Sure there are the occasional signs of the young me emerging (he's got a bit of an overbite that I find encouraging) but for the most part I fear for his future and until the day he opts for drama club over football, I won't rest easy.

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  1. You're a local couple! Even cooler. Found you through a friend on Facebook and decided to read. Bloggers are awesome. It's a fact. Another fact: Your son is a BABE. :)