Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve

Whoever said the wild times end when you have kids is a LIAR!!  So what if we never left the house or really changed out of our PJ's.  Shit got crazy at the Bairdsmith house this NYE.

Check it out!

We decided over our "party-time breakfast" that we were going to spend the day eating, drinking, and playing games.  We figured whoever won the most games between Erin and I would win a prize.  Since this is a family blog you really do NOT want to know what the prize was **wink**  (Okay, it was waffles for breakfast the next day)
That's right!  That's 'LINOLEUMS'!!
MarioKart.  I almost lost because Erin chose a bike called the "quacker" and complained during the game  that she "always gets fucked in the quacker".  This made me pee.

What? Oh yes, Cribbage mother fuckers!
Psh!!  Rookie
Liam kept his energy up by stuffing his cheeks with cookie dough.  Hardcore.

Trivia.  Erin won somehow.
Yes, even darts.
It all came down to the final event.  Ping-pong.  With a labor intensive breakfast on the line the stakes were high so Erin and I pulled out all the stops by competing in distracting outfits.

 I won.  Happy New Year!

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