Tuesday, January 31, 2012


"I would sooner have a wiener tattooed on my forehead than give up my Mondays" would have been the wrong thing to say.  I'm glad I told my boss "I'll think about it".  I was offered the chance to work some overtime but it will mean working Mondays in addition to my four ten-hour shifts Tuesday through Friday.  I guess on paper I'm in no position to be turning down the chance to earn more money, but I really want to.  
It's not because I 'm afraid to work more, it's because Monday is my day with the boys.  Tuesdays through Fridays I work 6 to 5 and with commute time those weekdays are pretty much shot.  If I'm lucky I'll get home in time to bond over a poopy diaper or the occasional bath but that's about it.  Weekends are great but are inevitably jam-packed with activities.  Mondays are all mine.  Erin works Mondays leaving me and the boys unsupervised ALL DAY.  I make a point of getting all my chores done Saturday and Sunday just so Monday is wide open.  We start at 8:00 am sharp and basically turn the house into Pleasure Island right up until 30 minutes before mom gets home.  That's just enough time to tidy up, get everyone in pants, and create the illusion that time has been spent on laundry.  

So I really want to shoot my boss down.  There's a point where my time is worth more than overtime pay, right? Besides they're asking me to spend Monday fielding customer complaints and the last person you want as your Brand Ambassador is an employee with a black belt in sarcasm and a penchant for petty acts of vengeance who secretly blames his work for cutting into playtime with his best buds.  I'd be doing them a favor saying no.

Update:  I said yes.  Anyone know a good tattoo artist?

Re-update:  I changed my mind and told them to forget it.  Thanks to everyone who read this and slapped some sense into me.  Love you guys!

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