Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day

I have a finite capacity for responsibility and I think I surpassed that three years ago when Erin started crowning.  Now I'm a home owner, a father of two, and a mess.  I call most days a success if I manage to feed and wash myself.  I've been especially befuddled these past two weeks since I've started my new job.  When the people I supervise start doing unflattering impersonations of me (which is inevitable) it's going to be of me staring blankly at numbers on a line, slacked jawed and unresponsive.

But this past weekend was Father's Day so I got a reprieve.  The boys did NOTHING for me (the bastards) but Erin was especially nice to me all day.  She did things like not visibly protesting when I ordered my cappuccino 'full caff' and letting me have the first bite of a sandwich I'd made for myself.  That evening she insisted I do my favorite thing in the world while she made dinner and told me that I was "not allowed in the kitchen".  No problem.  I parked myself on the couch with a bottle of wine and the two boys and watched 'How to Train Your Dragon' (or as Liam calls it 'Dwagon') which is, by the way, a perfect film.

Erin didn't want me to know what she was making but I guessed hamburgers pretty easily (actually bacon-burgers smothered in spicy chipotle aioli, divine!!)  What was unexpected was this:

Home made It's Its!!!  With Dulce de Leche ice cream??!!!  My god.

I don't know what inspired her to make this but it was truly miraculous.  Not only was it delicious, but it required total concentration to properly enjoy.  The kind of calm that typically takes years of meditating at high altitude to achieve.  It was very Zen.

Normally checking-out from reality like this isn't something a father of two young boys can afford, but that's the beauty of ice cream.  As long as there's enough for the kids too, they won't require your attention for at least a good fifteen minutes.


P.S. I'm hosting Pub Trivia at The Wurst tomorrow night!!...because the best thing for a father, overwhelmed by the responsibility of adult life, is to hire a sitter and spend a weeknight at a bar.  Come see me!


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