Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The boys have been trying out some new moves.  Eddie Izzard does a great bit about Dr. Heimlich developing his maneuver and how that probably didn't go very well at first (frying pan in the bollocks, etc).  It's kind of like that with my boys' trial and error but with fewer far.

Here's Finn in one of a series of moves I like to call "Save Me from Myselfs".  He gets himself stuck in a few different positions, none of which he's figured a way out of.  The one below is one of the easier ones to remedy since all I have to do is pick him up and set him down again.  Others are trickier, like when he manages to lodge himself in the crevasse between the bed and the wall, or when he crawls into a bedroom, shuts the door behind him, and then freaks out when he can't push the door open because it only opens inward.  Getting him out of that involves gently pushing the door against his screaming head until his body rolls out of the way enough to reach around and grab him by the foot.

Little help?
Most of Liam's new moves involve the potty.  His potty sessions can take up to twenty minutes, depending on the book he's reading, so monitoring his progress is impractical.  Most of the time I let him take care of his business in private.  Lately he's been finishing up, removing the bowl from his potty chair, and shuffling down the hallway to share it, now brimming with success.  This is usually done with his underpants around his ankles so naturally not all of it makes the journey.  A few times he's come around the corner and raised the bowl up over his head in his excitement.  I end up just flushing what's left as his reward and then go fetch the 'bad towels'.

He's also sorting out how to deal with 'nap turds'.  We still give him a pull-up diaper for nap times but now that he's potty training he's not as poop-tolerant as he used to be.  Unfortunately he's my son so he's also inherently lazy.  Last week he tried to distance himself from his poopy diaper without getting out of bed.  I'll spare you the details, but it was disastrous.  The good news is I think the learning curve on that maneuver is pretty steep.

One of his cuter moves is what I call "Eating Everything Like It's Corn on the Cob".  Hot dogs, burritos, PB&J sandwich slices all get attacked from the long side.  It's inefficient and a little messy, but sometimes you get this nice little homage to Heather Ledger's 'Joker'.

Why so serious?

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