Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh School, How I Love Thee!

Evie started Kindergarten on Monday, and holy sweet jesus in a biscuit, am I a happy mama.

I was a beautiful, emotional experience, pushing my lastborn out into the world of big kiddery and -- oh my god, who am I kidding? I JUST GOT MY LASTBORN INTO THE WORLD OF PUBLIC SCHOOL, y'all!!

Sure, when Jonah started Kindergarten I was a soppy-eyed mess. His dad almost had to rip me limb-by-limb away from my quirkily angelic firstborn. Other parents and I wept and commiserated in the hallway outside the classroom after we'd been kicked out - trying to be strong and not peek in the tiny rectangular window in the door. It was a very emotional experience. This time, however...this time....

The moment Evie's teacher said in her sing-songy way "now lift up your kissing hands and send kisses to your parents and say 'bye bye! See you after school!' I blew a kiss to my youngest child, walked out of the classroom, took a deep breath...and then I was all "I'm outta here bitches! I got shit to do!"

I went for a jog! I bought Jonah jeans that actually fit! I did a shit-ton of laundry! I did a buttload of dishes! It was ah-maaaaa-zing.

At pick up time, I noticed something different on the faces of the other parents than I'd seen at drop off. The morning of the first day of school always means exaggerated frowns while hugging and saying "oh my gosh, can you believe it?! FOURTH GRADE (in Jonah's case)!!!! Waaaaaaah!! The summer went by just tooooo fast!!" By pick up time however, everyone is ecstatic. We're all hugging and saying "holy christ! I'm cannot believe I made it though the summer! School is AWESOME! Let's go get coffee tomorrow! Woo Hoooooooo!"

All joking aside, I'm so proud of my little moody hissing hellfire-on-legs daughter. She's been scaling the fences of that school since she was old enough to scale fences - but she still felt a little scared to be an actual student there. After her first few minutes, however, she was a total pro. Like a boss.

That's just how she rolls.

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