Saturday, February 25, 2012


So I just spent several hours this morning on the blog writing a post about Liam and his top five favorite films.  It was pretty funny.  I'd just gotten the pictures I'd wanted downloaded and arranged nicely so I saved it (even though it saves automatically every few seconds) and clicked 'publish', but then something funny happened.  It only published the title and nothing else.  "Hmm" I thought, "well that's silly".  After several minutes of research I learned that all my work had been deleted apart from the title which, as you can see, I've left for your enjoyment.

After a long night involving my wife waking me up because she heard someone in our driveway (not her fault, totally scary), plus the usual issues with the kids, and finally a mysterious early morning call from an unfamiliar number (that I've retained so that I can call them back at the 4am feeding tonight to ask what it was regarding) I'm having one of those moments where you just need to hold really still to keep from going Incredible Hulk on the laptop.

I sent my 'feedback' to Google regarding this issue but the click from the mouse when I hit send even sounded feeble.  After that I tried the 'Help Forum' where I was given the advice to try and just convince myself that what I'd written wasn't really that good anyway.  That's actually pretty good advice so that's what I'm doing.

Anymess, the only reason I'm writing this is A) I can't afford to go smashing computers today and this is making me feel better and B) I'm partaking in the 40 Days of Writing project and don't want to quit just yet :)

Why don't you just give me the hammer daddy?
Well Liam is up so I'm off for coffee with him and a run to the store for amazing-Saturday-morning-breakfast stuff, so have a great weekend everyone, and here's a picture of Liam I just took.

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