Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thank You Anonymous Savior!

Boy oh boy is Healdsburg just the greatest place in the world or what?!  There are selfless soul-saving citizens just milling about on any given day.  Earlier this week I was getting coffee and found this on my windshield in the parking lot...

I had NO IDEA about ANY of the stuff contained in this little pamphlet.  What a treasure!!  Did you know AIDS is caused by depravity?  I thought it was a virus, how embarrassing!  It's a good thing this citizen is on the job.  I got this gem early on a Monday morning and I'm not surprised.  This guy must be out and about 24/7 what with all the work he has to do just in Sonoma County alone.  I know dozens of people around here living the "homosexual deathstyle" (His words! Selfless and clever with the word play.  He's like some kind of angel)

I really wish I'd had the chance to meet the guy.  I scanned the parking lot looking for someone who was daydreaming of the day when God personally greats him in heaven with a "Hey, you!  You in the back.  Come on up here pal.  Why don't you follow me down to the lake of fire and brimstone.  We've got some people there that could use a good 'I told ya so'."  I'd have thanked him of course, but I also have some questions.  Like what about Jake Gyllenhaal?  Is there a 'free pass' scenario?

I mean come ON!

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