Thursday, September 29, 2011

Aaaaany Day Now

Dear Baby,

Please be born.  The anticipation is killing me.  We've got your room all set with tons of toys and plush animals and things that play music.  I'm not really sure what you're waiting for.  If it's a formal invitation then consider yourself invited, cordially.  Come as you are.  Directions are: Head down, toward the light.  I know the cord and placenta thing is pretty bad-ass but wait until you try your mother's boob.  Dee-lish!

The thing is baby, there are things happening out here that I really don't want you to miss.  Harvest season in the wine country is beautiful, we're seeing a lot of prints in this year's fall fashion line-up, and the new season of 'Dexter' is supposed to be awesome.

Okay sure I've got a bit of an agenda.  You being born would be really great for me.  Your mother has been hogging all the good pillows for weeks and I'm really sick of drinking all by myself.  Plus, I totally LOVE YOU and want to meet you!  What more do you need?!  If you really are going to keep up with this stubborn bit you need to remember something.  You haven't been named yet.  Oh yeah, that's right!  I'm thinking 'Elvis' has a nice ring to it....or maybe 'Pomegranate'.  Get your little ass out here.



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