Tuesday, September 20, 2011


It's not my fault!  It's that word.  It's just too fucking fun to say!  I think its that lip biting 'ffff' with that nice little crack of the 'ck' at the end.  For a two-year-old it's phonetic bliss.  So yeah, Erin and I weren't really aware of how often we let the F-Bomb drop in our house until it started echoing back at us in a sweet little toddler voice.  The little man looooves it.  A couple of days ago Liam dumped a full glass of water in Erin's lap and she let a big one drop, which he excitedly returned ten fold.  We're trying to curb our casual use of the word but it seems like it might be too late.  The fact that we react to his use of it with stifled hysterics doesn't help either.  I was concerned that this would lead to a 'BAD PARENT!!' moment but this past weekend his first public F-Bomb made its debut and it was fantastic.

We were in line at Starbuck's and Liam was being his usual super-happy cute self.  We were just in earshot of three women looking like they were fresh from a morning walk and one of them was sharing an anecdote:

Lady: "....and by the end of the day the lawn was completely fucked!"

Liam: "Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fffffuCK!!"

Lady: "Oh my"

Liam: "fuck"

Me: "oh great, thanks a lot"

Liam: "fuck, fuck"

Lady: "I'm SO sorry! Holy shit!"

Liam: "Shit!"

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